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I was a bit too busy last week or so. I did manage to put story on AO3 divided into Malik's and Altair's part. I did make a few changes, but nothing that would change the story all together. (mostly for aesthetics)

Malik's part
Altair's part
Two hours have passed and Altaїr still fails to understand why Ezio would just decide to give him a day off. After a life time they had known each other, Ezio always depended on Altaїr to help him with just about anything; from choosing what he would drink to where to invest his money and who to (not) sleep with. So why now, all of a sudden, he decided it was a good idea to just give him a day for himself?

This was on his mind ever since they sat down and had a coffee near his studio. Of course, he did not ask Ezio for an answer; they rarely just sat down and has a nice chat. This was due to either Leonardo discussing something ‘new upgrade’ related or Altaїr just had no time for pleasantries.

This was first time Ezio was in this coffee shop, and he used this opportunity to flirt with random women who happen to be there. His charm was met with embarrassed giggle, confusion, or somewhat angry scoff. Needless to say, no one was interested enough to come and talk to him (this might be due to Altaїr being there looking like death after a long day).

Another surprise was that Ezio volunteered to walk Altaїr to the studio after. The whole Good Samaritan thing became too much for Altaїr not to ask about.
“I still fail to understand what you are trying to do with this. Am I dying? Are you dying?! I am serious, Ezio, stop laughing!” he desperately tried to understand intent behind this decision. His worry was met with joyful laughter.

“I am sorry cousin, but your face is just precious!” he bare got the words out, but Altaїr managed to glue the pieces together to form understandable unit. After actually managing to catch some air and regaining the ability to speak “As I told you, I just want you to take one day for yourself. Go sleep, run, fuck someone, do whatever you want to. Just relax.” There were a signs of tears at the edges of his eyes.

Altaїr was still not convinced, this proposition came too abruptly to be benign “Relax from what? How did you come to this decision? Did Leonardo say something to you? What in the world happened?” he remembers the coffee with Leonardo ad his question probing, it is possible that these two events were connected.

“I did speak to Leonardo, but not of this. Trust me, this decision has nothing to do with him.” He put his arm on his shoulder, just like he always did when speaking seriously, or anything that resembled seriousness coming from Ezio “I must admit, I have been far too possessive of you. Do not ask me how I got to this realisation, I am unable to explain. Can’t you just take this and think nothing of it?” Altaїr knew this smile, it was shameful smile. He was hiding something. Alas, he decided to play along.

“Fine. But you better think of a way to explain this to me soon, or I will beat it out of you.” This was true; Ezio too often suffered in Altaїr lock when he tried to hide stuff from him (mostly surprise parties that Altaїr despised).

“Only if you catch me.” And he was back to his devilish smile, better suited on his face.

“You can’t dodge me forever.”

“True, but I can outswim you any day.”

“That is just low…” Altaїr did not smile much, it was only on rare occasions and with selected people that he felt comfortable enough to ease into it. The smile softened his face, his eyes were soft, and for a brief moment he seemed liberated from earthly worries. Ezio always enjoyed to see him so free, most of the time he was an indifferent mess.

Pleasant silence continued until they reached Altaїr’s studio, they did not say goodbyes, just nodded and when their own ways.

As soon as Altaїr’s hand opened the doors, his smile faded.


The training was nothing special, half of the people didn’t even show up (probably because of new show on TV or in the cinema). On his way home the thought of a free day still haunted him. There must be a reason for Ezio to do this. He can’t deny that he actually felt a bit happy; after today he needed a day of doing nothing, napping or sleeping, or all.

While lost in his taught, he did not expect the sight when entering the apartment; Malik and Leonardo were in the living room. With noticeable confusion he broke the silence “Am I interrupting something?”

Malik was looking at him with horror, so he must have had awful timing. On the other hand, Leonardo seemed excited about something, still gazing at Malik “No, no! I was just having a little chat with Malik.” He just brushed off Altaїr’s presence and continued to Malik “So, what is your answer?”

Malik still seemed confused, a bit red in the face. It took him a bit to answer. Not that Altaїr cared, this conversation did not concern him one bit. He just hoped that they would soon finish it so he can enjoy a little quiet.

“Yes.” A silent and somehow shamefully sounding answer which was met with pure excitement from Leonardo’s side.

“Excellent! I will make all further preparations for when you get well.” Seconds after this, Leonardo was already near Altaїr, winking as he exited through closing doors.

“What was this about?” Altaїr closed the doors and locked them in hopes that Leonardo would not come back. He did not hate him, but he is unable to be near his energy for too long. And today’s conversation drained him.

“Leonardo… said that you wanted to train me…” it was quiet, but Altaїr managed to hear it.

Of course he would twist his words into something that helped Leonardo make a point. This is something that needs to be addressed right away “Willing. I told him I was willing to train you.” Still not what he said but it would have to suffice for this conversation.

“Semantics…” still in low voice but this time it was much clearer and said with certain determination.

“Important semantics. I never said I want to train you, only that I would if Leonardo somehow managed to talk you into it.” This is actually true; but he did not expect that Leonardo would use future promise as a proof of anything. It did not matter right now; he was tired of this day and in need of a shower “I did not think he could actually talk you into it.” He might have had a smile on his face or something greatly resembling it. It was an amusing taught.


Even after the shower he was still aching a bit, mostly for sleep. But he decided he would watch TV for a bit, maybe there is something interesting on. The sight in living room surprised him; Malik was still there. He barely walked out of the bathroom and decided to stop and see if Malik wanted to say something, since his face was implying he would.

“I am sorry for being a bother to you.” Well that he did not see coming. This is second time Malik did something polite. Maybe he caught same thing as Ezio. His slouched stance changed to straight back and tired but serious face; he was not sure what was happening.

“Why are you telling me this?” it was late and he was tired, and he was still confused about events that were unwrapping ever since what happened with Malik and Cesare.

“You don’t have to waste more of your time on me. You are not obligated to train me or show me anything. It does not matter that…” a quick scoff interrupted Malik and his determined face changed to line out confusion.

“It does matter. I made an obligation to Leonardo and I will stand by my words.” He was not looking at Malik anymore, instead he continued his previous intention and proceed to the sofa and the TV “It does not matter how Leonardo came to persuade you to accept, but my end of the deal still stands.” A remote controller, finally a bit of relaxation before sleep.

“So… You will train me?” unsure voice was heard.

“Yes. But when you heal. You are unable to do anything now.” A quick wave of his hand sent Malik off; this conversation was over “Go rest.”

Another polite gesture before Malik went to his room “Good night…” and the doors closed.
Altmal by SaiJiraija
Well this happened...
If anyone is wondering why they have no heads, it is my fault... it... it's just better this way, trust me...
The sun has already set and the only brightness coming through window is the light of the city. This is the time when Malik hears knock at the doors. It is late enough for it to be Altaїr coming back from practice, but he has the keys and has no reason to knock. This is second time today he decides to involve himself with the outside world by opening the doors and let whoever is there disturb his peaceful evening.

“Good evening! Do you mind if we share a couple of words over a coffee?” the smiling face that let itself in without being invited or getting any response belonged to Leonardo. Malik was still trying to understand what just happened when he noticed that Leonardo was already on the sofa, inviting him to come.

“Yes, hi…” With confusion fading, but still lingering on his face, Malik closed the doors and turned to Leonardo “Is there a problem?” This was only explanation he could come up with. Why would Leonardo be here otherwise? Taught that was in Malik’s mind was that he would get some kind of reprimand for what he had caused the night before.

“No, no problems at all. I just wanted to chat with you for a bit. I hope that is alright with you?” he just sunk leisurely in the sofa while his eyes were still on Malik. He expected that Malik would come to sit with him or that he would first make some coffee. Either was fine with him.

“It is fine. I am just not used to having visitors often.” Malik went towards the kitchen to make coffee “Even if someone comes here, it is usually someone looking for Altaїr, so I am a bit surprised.” Malik was standing, a bit confused, in front of various shelves and cabinets, unsure where he would find coffee or the pot. He tried to find them, searched in cabinets and looked on the shelves, but it was all to no avail. He did not know the arrangement of anything in the kitchen, finding one thing among others was hard task. He admitted defeat; his hands were pressed against the counter with sadness and failure in his eyes.

It became clear to Leonardo; Malik felt like stranger in his own home. In hope of helping Malik to feel better, he changed his drinking desire. “You know, I am not in a mood for coffee. Maybe juice would be a better choice.” Malik knew what was offered to him, and he accepted it, uneasy as it was.
Juice was acceptable replacement for coffee. Its place was the fridge, always the fridge so he did not have to wonder aimlessly again. After he opened the fridge, he saw two bottles of different types of juice. “We have orange and…” other one was red and he could not identify it right away; and the label did not help since there was no flavour written on it, only the picture. “…and strawberry?” he looked at Leonardo for his decision.
“I would kindly ask for strawberry. I could never resist them.” His smile was still on his face, the kind and caring smile that expressed the carefree spirit of this person.
Malik nodded and took the juice out of the fridge. Glasses were easy to find; they were on the shelf above the fridge. He did need to stretch a bit since the shelf was a bit higher up; Altaїr organised the kitchen according to his needs, not Malik’s.

Malik could not remember last time he actually drank juice, even less what kind of juice he preferred or liked. To avoid further inconveniences, he poured some strawberry flavoured juice for himself also.
Carrying the glasses was not easy; his arm still hurt, but he managed to carry it to the table. After putting both of them down he noticed that he had no coasters; and he could probably waste half a day looking for them. Altaїr will probably be upset if they mess the table, but he will deal with that later.

As soon as Malik sat, Leonardo reached for the juice. He seemed to enjoy it quite a bit. “This one is really good! I rarely find one so tasty. Tell me, where can I purchase this?” it was just after he has asked that he realised what he has asked. Malik probably did not know since he was not the one that bought it. Leonardo wanted to apologise for stupid question but he was interrupted.
“I will ask Altaїr. He does the shopping.” Malik’s gaze was directed towards the carpet. He was embarrassed that he did not know anything about his own living space. Most of his time was spent in his room, dong something on one of his computers; he kept telling himself that he was too busy to pay attention. He knew that wasn’t true, he was just lazy and distracted by childish things.

“You became quite dependant on him. Am I correct?” Smile on Leonardo’s face was somewhat different. It was not the regular kind-hearted smile, this had more mischief in it. He even shifted his body to match it, facing Malik, expecting his reaction.

Malik was still had a bit of sadness in his face, but he answered the question with a lot of discomfort “Since he is living here, he can at least do something productive. Why should I bother myself with the rest of the apartment when I spend most of my time in room.” He realised this was not the smartest thing he said; between him and Altaїr, he looked like the bad guy. He was still looking at the carpet, this time with leisure on his face, sneering at himself.

“Yes, I say tending to the apartment really is productive. So he is here a lot? Does he not go out during the day?” Leonardo knew what he was asking, he was aware that Altaїr spent most of his day outside the apartment working for Ezio. He just wanted those taught to sink deeper into Malik’s mind.

“No.” he turned to face Leonardo “He is out most of the day, and, because of his training, he comes back rather late.” He suddenly became disgusted with himself. This was the moment he realized how useless around here he really was. Even though he did have a lot of work, to him those were menial tasks done in a matter of hours. A job that could take a week for some other programmer to finish, he could easily be done with in a day or two. Most of his free time was spend crashing sites or playing games; whichever seemed more fun at the given time.
“I see. So when does he find time to tend to all of this?” Malik did not have an answer for this. Only time he did communicate with Altaїr, is when he calls him for food (be it breakfast, lunch or dinner). He is not even sure what it is Altaїr does for a living.

What is wrong with me…

After seeing Malik’s face frozen in taught, Leonardo decided to continue the conversation; he accomplished what he wanted.

“Tell me, how are you feeling? Is everything alright? You were not hurt bad?” a quick recollection on the event from last night.
“I am fine, just a bit bruised. Altaїr…” a slight pause before he could continue; he was reminded again how much he became dependant on him “Altaїr disinfected all the wounds and they seem to be healing nicely. Even though it is just the first day.”

“You should ask him to teach you some moves.” He finally got to the part of conversation he was aiming at from the very beginning.
“Moves?” a confused look came with the question.
“Yes, he is rather skilled at many martial arts. Or so Ezio tells me. He could train you so that you can defend yourself next time.” Malik did not know how to react, what to say. He was not even sure what Leonardo just proposed.
“Excuse me?”
“I am not saying that you should go around provoking people (even more), but it is always good to know how to stand up for yourself. Is it not?” he still had that smile on his face. And it started to annoy Malik more than it should. This friendly façade was just a cover for something he was not sure he wanted.

“What makes you think I would agree to this? What makes you think HE would agree to this?” even if he agrees, there is no proof Altaїr wold accept this.

“What if I told you he said he agreed to this?” Leonardo knew that Altaїr did not tell him that he agrees to anything, but a little freedom of interpretation can’t harm.

“You already asked him? And he said yes?” This came as a shock to Malik, shock clearly visible on his face. Why would this person agree to do more for him? Doesn’t he despise him? Maybe Leonardo talked him into this, manipulated the conversation; much like he is doing now.

“Yes, we already talked. I have even managed to get him extra free time from work. All that is needed now is your answer.” He scooted closer to Malik, bursting with anticipation. A move Malik answered with leaning a bit back; he was not sure what Leonardo was doing.

“I will see…” Only answer Malik could give at this time. He needed to think about this. Does he really want to let himself be pushed to Altaїr?
“You have time until I finish my juice.” He reached for the glass.
“What?!” time was running out, Leonardo obviously enjoyed that juice too much. And before he could actually think, the juice was gone.

“So, what is your answer?” Leonardo was licking remaining of the juice from his lips.

What could he say, what answer can he give at this short time? “Could you give me more time to think?”
“Why do you need more time? You either want to learn to defend yourself or you don’t. It is that easy.” how Malik hated that smile of his.
“You do not propose just training, what you are saying…” he was interrupted with the sound of opening doors. It was Altaїr.

Altaїr quickly inspected the room; he did not know what to think of the sight. Malik was looking at him with the exactly confused face. While Altaїr was lost in shock, Malik was lost in his confusion. Leonardo’s eyes were still on Malik, eagerly expecting the answer.

“Am I interrupting something?” the whole situation seemed to tense to just ignore it, Altaїr had to say something to clear it out.
“No, no! I was just having a little chat with Malik.” Still eagerly looking at Malik, with his smile “So, what is your answer?”

Malik’s eyes switched from Altaїr back to Leonardo. After he stared at him for a few seconds, he just dropped his head and gave the answer still unsure of what he wanted “Yes.”
“Excellent! I will make all further preparations for when you get well.” Leonardo sprang off the sofa with the most exciting look. Before either Altaїr or Malik knew what happened, Leonardo was out of their apartment, passing a wink to Altaїr as he exited.

“What was this about?” Altaїr closed the doors and locked them behind him.
“Leonardo… said that you wanted to train me…” he could not find strength to look at Altaїr.
“Willing. I told him I was willing to train you.” A needed correction.
“Semantics…” barely heard remark.
“Important semantics. I never said I want to train you, only that I would if Leonardo somehow managed to talk you into it.” He stretched as he was going to the bathroom. “I did not think he could actually talk you into it.” He was already closing the doors behind him, Malik did not know what to say. Or how to feel.


After a shower, Altaїr came to living room in hopes that he could spend half an hour clearing his mind while watching TV. His steps came to a stop after he saw Malik standing near his room, waiting for him. A sight Altaїr never saw before.

“I am sorry for being a bother to you.” Words uneasily rolled down Malik’s tongue.

Altaїr did not know what to say; this is second time Malik was acting strange (strange for Malik standards). Altaїr stance changed, he was confused and tired; was this conversation necessary now.

“Why are you telling me this?” there was no kindness in his voice.

“You don’t have to waste more of your time on me. You are not obligated to train me or show me anything. It does not matter that…” he was interrupted in his self-pitying speech.
“It does matter. I made an obligation to Leonardo and I will stand by my words.” He continued to the sofa “It does not matter how Leonardo came to persuade you to accept, but my end of the deal still stands.” He sat and turned on the TV; he did not look at Malik once.

“So… You will train me?” Malik was unsure whether to be happy or confused; perhaps he was a bit of both.
“Yes. But when you heal. You are unable to do anything now.” He waved his hand at him “Go rest.”

Malik slowly turned to the doors to his room, still unsure what to feel. Before he closed the doors behind him, he let out a small farewell “Good night…” The doors were closed, no other sound was heard.
In the dark, part 8
Sorry for any mistakes; I was in a hurry to finish this and am unsure when I will actually spellcheck this. (I will sooner or later)

Part 1

Part 7
Part 9
After shower by SaiJiraija
After shower
After a day on skype with altairs-tummy this is the result...
Ignore the sketchy sketch (too lazy to do lineart. And who colors within borders sheesh!

lol idk...

reference: link

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